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How my hair nightmare led to the five words no mother wants to hear?

?Mom, you?ve ruined my wedding!?

The true story of how my brittle, thinning hair sparked an unforgettable journey to discover the ?Divine Locks Method? anyone can use to rejuvenate the thick, healthy and beautiful hair of your youth.





It was my daughter?s wedding? but everyone was looking at me.

My daughter sat two chairs over?

It was her big day?

And even though she was smiling during the speeches,
I could see the tears building up in her eyes?

She stood when it was her turn to speak?

But after only two words, she burst out crying ? and
crashed back into her chair sobbing?

All because I had made a terrible mistake?

My name is Rebecca Armstrong.

Two days before the wedding, I went to the hair salon?

I?m no regular at the salon because my hair isn?t anything like as thick and beautiful
as it used to be?


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