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Give yourself more energy with these 10 tips

As the world finally opens up again after covid-19, it can be really easy to feel overwhelmed and out of sorts with all of the social gatherings you’re now going to again.

If you’re someone that is feeling as if your tank is a little low on gas, we’ve got some great advice on how you can get your energy levels up again and feel ready to take on the world.

It goes without saying that we are all grateful about the restrictions steadily lifting and life starting to feel more normal again. Although, because of this your phone has been going non-stop with invitations to coffee dates, lunches, the beach, and the list is endless. And now, it’s starting to all feel too much.

Due to the fact we’ve all been cooped up, everyone now wants to make up for lost time, but if this isn’t managed carefully, it can be very overpowering and lead to burnout.

Throughout the hotter months, the Japanese refer to the infamous summer fatigue as “natsubate”. In Japan, they manage the high temperatures by looking after their diet, upping the self-care and reducing daily activities.

Well, let’s get to it and look at some great tips on how you can get back to your happy place.

Smell something good

A little sniff of an energizing fragrance can really help settle your mood, especially if you’re feeling a little jumbled. Citrusy scents like lemon and lime are really uplifting, tropical scents.

Then there are other scents that help balance you and your emotions, like geranium and bergamot. Both scents are quite warm and woody, you’ll find them in candles and room sprays. Good old peppermint is known to be energizing and rosemary can help improve focus.

So, why not get yourself a little planter of herbs to put on your window ledge?

Get journalling

When something is bothering you or you’re just having an off day, writing it down is one of the most effective ways to get it out of your system. If you think this idea is for you, then keep a diary or journal where you can scribble down your emotions freely.

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Take a snooze

In Japan, it is the norm to take a power nap whilst working. In addition, most of us are already aware that in European countries like Italy and Spain, afternoon siestas are part of daily life. Yet, for some reason, so many of us really haven’t grasped this idea of an afternoon nap.

It’s said that a power nap can leave you feeling energized and refreshed. There have been some studies that have even shown a quick nap during the day can improve your memory. Furthermore, research in Australia revealed a 10-minute nap at midday can improve your alertness, mood, and performance.

Change your exercise routine

In the same way you swap your winter wardrobe for your summer one, you should adapt your exercise routine to fit in with the hotter weather. So instead you could be getting up earlier to exercise in the cooler part of the day, or taking your indoor workout outside.

Now, this is based on where you live as you may find a gym better to work out in as there is likely air-conditioning. Ensure that your workout routine is working for you and not the other way around. You don’t want to be too tired to do the rest of your day.

Make time to socialize

As we’d all been in isolation in our homes for a long time, it almost became a new way of life for many of us. Since then, it has become even more important to nurture relationships with our friends, family and neighbors.

However, we all need to have boundaries so that if the time comes and you’re feeling too overwhelmed, you can say no.

Follow some healthy habits

In order to keep your body and mind in optimal condition, try and do these simple things each day/week:

  • Drink two liters of water every day
  • Eat 8-10 portions of fruit and veg throughout the day
  • Work 150 minutes of exercise into your schedule each week
  • Stick on a playlist of your favorite songs and dance about for 10 minutes
  • Have a shower and finish it with a 30-second blast of cold water

Pay attention to what your body is saying

Nobody knows your body clock better than you do, this is what is known as your circadian rhythm. It is what controls our sleep-wake pattern as well as other essential functions and processes. When you become misaligned with your body clock, you may experience lethargy and trouble sleeping.

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Circadian rhythm is influenced by environmental changes such as light and dark. This is why you wake when the sun rises and sleep after sunset. Try to get yourself into a regular sleeping pattern, regardless of the longer days during the summer months, by going to bed and getting up at the same time each day.

For the majority of adults, 7-9 hours of sleep is plenty to lead a healthy life.

Get that fruity feeling

It is really important that a healthy, balanced diet is a key part of our lifestyle. Even if you’re not jetting off somewhere for a vacation this year, getting some tropical fruit into your diet can lift your senses and make you dream of somewhere exotic. Choosing fruits with a high water content will keep your body hydrated to prevent tiredness. It also fills you up with loads of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  • Watermelon is high in lycopene and antioxidants such as vitamin A and C, these are great for protecting and repairing skin sensitive to sunlight.
  • Get an energy boost with fruits such as strawberries, cherries, plums, and peaches.

Try box breathing

Sometimes, the things life throws at us can lead to poor sleep, stress, and anxiety. For some, this can be relieved with a controlled breathing practice. When you feel like you need a pick-me-up, spend a few moments box breathing to enhance vitality.

To try box breathing – exhale and count to four, pause for four, then inhale for four; pause for four more counts and begin again.

Surround yourself in nature

Getting outside and taking in all that nature has to offer can help beat the feeling of fatigue. A simple 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight increases immunity and those all-important vitamin D levels to boost your mood.

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These long summer days allow us plenty more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, breathe in the fresh air and absorb as much vitamin D as we can. When you can, take the opportunity to sit and read a book, take a walk, go for a picnic or spend time in your garden.

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